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Here you can access everything you wish to know about the definitive stamps of the United Kingdom with the head of Queen Elizabeth based on a sculpture by Arnold Machin OBE RA
Deegam® Profiles
A professional aid to writing up a collection.

Profiles are printed stamp-sized labels. They exist for all three Deegam levels. Those for level 3 are printed 7-line descriptions which set out in a schematic form all the variables that make one stamp different from another according to the criteria described in the Deegam® Handbook. They have a uniform layout. Their perforations show any ellipses and are the correct gauge. They also show any phosphor overprints in their correct colours.

An example is shown below.

Standard layout of a definitive profile at level 3

Profile of the 20p stamp derived from pane BM DP132 of the 50p machine-vended book

  • Line 1: Printer's name; HARRISON
  • Line 2: Paper / Gum; Fluorescent Coated Paper made by Harrison with Dextrin gum
  • Line 3: Phosphor details; 2 bars, short at top & insert from left; from 9.5mm 'A' phosphor bands
  • Line 4: Type/setting & DOP; Type 2 value set low; B2 Head; printed sideways right
  • Line 5: Source and cylinder; decimal pane 132, printed from cylinder B3
  • Line 6: Notes; Information from the notes column in the catalogue entry for level 3
  • Line 7: Cat No.; 200 = 20p (divide by 10); 9th variant at level 2; 1st variant at level 3

Profiles provide great flexibility in arrangement. Mount each one alongside its stamp and in the same manner. You can arrange and re-arrange your collection to suit you - move the stamp, move its Profile! No rewriting is ever necessary. Acquire a new stamp or a variety and there is a Profile for it. Unused Profiles can act as check lists or portable wants lists. No other system offers such ease and flexibility. Win awards for your collection with Deegam® Profiles!

All 15,000 profiles for single stamps, se-tenant pairs, etc. are contained in the Handbook.