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Here you can access everything you wish to know about the definitive stamps of the United Kingdom with the head of Queen Elizabeth based on a sculpture by Arnold Machin OBE RA
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999 01. Dec. 2023 (232 Kb)
Seasons Greetings
998 27. Nov. 2023 (464 Kb)
Barcode dates (is updated regularly)
155 06. Nov. 2023 (4.6 Mb) (465.0 Mb) (95.1 Mb)
Tariff changes 2 October 2023; New issues - Dame Shirley Bassey and Harry Potter prestige books; HBBS is now available; Future prices for HB5 and HBBS; New Reports; Reprints; Year code 2023; Christmas 2023 stamps; More forgeries; Catalogue additions; Profiles. DGR156 is expected in February 2024
BXM 05. Nov. 2023 (5.8 Mb)
Barcoded Christmas 2023 stamps (for more details see DGR155)
154 23. Aug. 2023 (8.4 Mb)
The future; New issues; Imperforate stamps from DP296?; KCIII counter sheet reprint; Year code 2023; More forgeries of barcoded stamps; Counterfeit KCIII definitive stamps; Catalogue additions; Profiles
153 03. Jul. 2023 (6.6 Mb)
In memory of Jefferey Matthews; New issues - KCIII business sheets and Royal Succession products; New Reports; FDC coils with KCIII stamps; Forgeries of barcoded stamps; Catalogue additions; Profiles
152 04. Apr. 2023 (7.6 Mb)
The future; Cataloguing of KCIII and other barcoded stamps; 2023 tariff changes; New issues - King Charles III definitives and Flying Scotsman prestige book; New Reports; Reprint of barcoded stamps; Barcoded stamps - DOP; Year code 2022; Forgeries are recognised by Royal Mail; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
151 07. Feb. 2023 (4.3 Mb)
The future; New issues - Tutankhamun and Marvel X-Man prestige books; Barcoded 2nd-class Light blue; Barcode item numbers on DP619; Reprints of barcoded stamps; 2D data matrix code shortly explained; Year code 2022; Forgeries of barcoded stamps; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
150 21. Nov. 2022 (4.7 Mb)
The future of Deegam Publications; Correction of the Barcoded Country definitives cataloguing; Barcoded Country definitives - update; Printing of barcoded stamps; Inset phosphor bars on barcoded stamps?; Some Thoughts; Barcoded Christmas 2022 stamps; New Reports; Reprints; More forgeries; Year code 2022; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
BXM 18. Nov. 2022 (7.5 Mb)
Barcoded Christmas 2022 stamps (a possible presentation of barcoded stamps - more details in DGR150)
149 15. Aug. 2022 (12.5 Mb)
New issues - Barcoded country definitives and Transformers prestige book; Container ID (source); Why two different printings for DP610?; New Reports: These minor shifts!; Year code 2022; Royal Mail"s Philatelic Bulletin ceases publication; Forgeries of barcoded stamps; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
148 28. Apr. 2022 (15.3 Mb)
2022 tariff changes; New issues - Barcoded value stamps and Unsung Heroes prestige book; Another mystery; Printing dates?; Colours; Breakdown of the 2D data matrix code; New Reports; 1st-class Gold - iridescent overprint; Year code 2022; Books of 8 - primary sheet layout; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
147 14. Feb. 2022 (7.1 Mb)
New issues; Barcoded NVIs; New Reports; Machin for disabled used on cover; How the time flies? Year codes 2021 and 2022; Cartor Security Printers; Se-tenant pairs; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
146 11. Jan. 2022 (1.6 Mb)
New issues; New Reports; Year code 2021; Annual subscription; Byfleet printings; A 2nd-class Gold NVI; Machin se-tenant pairs; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
145 11. Oct. 2021 (4.2 Mb)
New issues; New Reports; Year code 2021; Country pictorial trials; Machins for disabled - update; Looking into future; Printing or Packing date?; Machin se-tenant pairs; ISP Digital Hybrid Print System; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
144 02. Aug. 2021 (2.2 Mb)
Important changes; New issues; 2nd-class barcoded stamp - update; Year code 2021; New Reports; HM The Queen"s 95th Birthday - update; Cylinders used for DP147; Machin se-tenant pairs; Catalogue additions; Profiles.
143 10. May. 2021 (6.0 Mb)
New issues; Year code 2021; New Reports; A Marvel surprise; Cataloguing or not? Value settings; Se-tenant pairs; Catalogue additions; Typos; Profiles.
142 08. Mar. 2021 (1.5 Mb)
New issues; Year code 2020; Year code 2021; New Reports; Short and inset phosphor bars; HB5 very well received; Catalogue additions; Hawid will close on 30 June 2021; Profiles.
141 07. Jan. 2021 (3.4 Mb)
HB5 and other News; HB5 pricing; 2021 tariff changes; New issues; Year code 2020; Year code 2021; New Reports; Catalogue additions; Requests or reports of used stamps; Profiles.
000 06. Apr. 1993 (196 Kb) (545.5 Mb)
DGR Index - the DGR Archive with Reports 1 to 155 is available (see Handbook page for details)