Deegam Profiles

A professional aid to writing up a collection

Profiles are printed stamp-sized labels. They exist for all three Deegam levels. Those for level 3 are printed 7-line descriptions which set out in a schematic form all the variables that make one stamp different from another according to the criteria described in the Deegam Handbook. They have a uniform layout. Their perforations show any ellipses and are the correct gauge. They also show any phosphor overprints in their correct colours.
An example is shown below.

Standard layout of a
definitive profile at level 3

Pane BM DP132 from 50p
machine-vend book

Profile of the 20p stamp


Line 1: Printer's name; HARRISON
Line 2: Paper / Gum; Fluorescent Coated Paper made by Harrison with Dextrin gum
Line 3: Phosphor details; 2 bars, short at top & insert from left; from B3 9.5mm bands
Line 4: Type/setting & DOP; Type 2 value set low; B2 Head; printed sideways right
Line 5: Source and cylinder; decimal pane 132, printed from cylinder B3
Line 6: Notes; Information from the notes column in the catalogue entry for level 3
Line 7: Cat No.; 200 = 20p (divide by 10); 9th variant at level 2; 1st variant at level 3


Profiles provide great flexibility in arrangement. Mount each one alongside its stamp and in the same manner. You can arrange and re-arrange your collection to suit you -- move the stamp, move its Profile! No rewriting is ever necessary. Acquire a new stamp or a variety and there is a Profile for it. Unused Profiles can act as check lists or portable wants lists. No other system offers such ease and flexibility. Win awards for your collection with Deegam Profiles!

All 15,000 profiles for single stamps, se-tenant pairs, postage dues, Frama labels, training stamps, etc. are on the Handbook CD.