Contacting the author

IF you have any questions, comments, criticisms, news, suggestions, bouquets, brickbats, a wish list for future
Handbook content or simply want to report a find, you can contact me as under:


By post: 
Gerry Fisk,  4 Gorse Meadow Drive, Barnt Green, Birmingham, B45 8XS, UK.

By e-mail:

I do not undertake to identify stamps by post. All the information you need for this purpose is in the Handbook and is demonstrated in Appendix 7.  I am, however, always pleased to hear of new discoveries.

Hints for reporting items for inclusion in the Handbook

Please do not send stamps for examination unless I have asked to see them.

Unlisted items
Reports of items not listed in the current CD version of 
the Handbook are always welcome. Please include the information required 
by the Deegam Machin Identity Finder Card on page 3 of Appendix 7 
of the Handbook as far as you are able, especially the H and V value 
settings measurements. A scan is always useful. 

Phosphor shifts
Reports of shifts should always state whether the perforations
are well-centred. This is to prevent perforation shifts being falsely
treated as phosphor shifts. The rule is: "If the perforations were
where they should have been would the phosphor still have missed them?"
A phosphor shift will not be listed unless the phosphor is clear of
the regular holes, although it may just touch an ellipse. The diagram
shows the minimum horizontal shift, in blue, that qualifies for listing.
Vertical shifts are dealt with in the same way.

Items which result in a new listing will normally be included in a Deegam Report accompanied by the name of the reporter.  If you do not wish your name to be mentioned, please say so when sending your report.